Winter fun at Chilliwack Lake

After we got back from our month in Ontario over Christmas we decided to embark on a few month challenge of finding snow every week of the month. While Chilliwack had lots of snow during our trip to Ontario it was back to it’s rainy warmish self by the time we got back in the middle of January. Still with a bit of effort we were able to find places to play in the snow regularly in February and March.

One of our staple visits is Chilliwack Lake. You can drive right up to the gate the walk in to the park proper is flat and easy which makes it ideal for kids. The biggest drawback to Chilliwack lake is the lack of a decent toboggan hill. Some years you can sled on the big hill heading down to the boat launch, but in early 2016 the water was so high that the ride would have ended in the water. Oh and there was the fact that there was no snow on the hill at all despite a foot or two on the road up to the hill.

That left us a super small bump to play on with the sled which mostly means I pushed the kids hard and then walked down and pulled them back to the top. Since the goal in most any outdoor adventure is for the kids to have fun, our goal for the day was accomplished.

If you’re looking for a place to find a bit of snow that’s accessible to kids without heading in to Manning Park then Chilliwack Lake can be a great option.┬áMost of the time if you can see snow on the top of Elk Mountain then you’re going to find snow at Chilliwack Lake.

Here are a few pictures from our day at Chilliwack Lake

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