Snowshoeing Cambie Creek in Manning Park BC

The beginning of April 2016 in the Lower Mainland broke with warm weather and lots of it.┬áThis meant that we were on our last weekends to find some snow so E and I and the dog packed everything up and headed out to Cambie Creek in Manning Park. Cambie Creek sits just before the Manning Park lodge on the right side of the road if you’re coming from the Vancouver side.

For us the day was warm. I ended up only wearing my shell with a thin long sleeve merino wool Tasc shirt. Eden bundled up a bit more with a long john shirt and her ‘puffy’ vest but only wore her light rain coat instead of her full winter jacket. Because it was so warm we both wore waterproof pants though I only wore a pair of shorts under my Gore-Tex pants.

Now the idea of snowshoeing sounds fun to my daughter but the actual practice of doing it is something else entirely. As strong and resilient as this girl is for hiking she is everything but that. As is typical she wanted to get pulled on the sled within about 20 steps of the parking lot.

E struggling with getting back up after yet another on purpose fall. Daddy was getting frustrated.

E struggling with getting back up after yet another on purpose fall. Daddy was getting frustrated.

I admit that this day out in the wild was not one of my best parenting days. I may have walked away in the forest with a child crying so she couldn’t see me then felt terrible when she started wailing…or maybe that was a dream.

Regardless much of the trek out to the washed out bridge was about 10 steps then encouragement to keep going and a request to get pulled in the sled. It wasn’t till we actually got a lame short sled ride that she really perked up and started having fun.

Our plan had been to do the 2.5km loop but we got back to the bridge and it was washed out so we just turned around and walked back the way we came. Looking at the information now it’s clearly marked as washed out, I simply missed it.

The washed out bridge at Cambie Creek

The washed out bridge at Cambie Creek

While about 80% of the trip was actually pretty not fun on either part it ended on a high note with E enjoying herself and myself enjoying her banter and questions as I pulled her part way back on the sled and found a few small hills to slide down. I’d love to go back there but we’re getting crazy carpets next time so there is no option to pull kids and so that they can carry them and use them when they feel like it. That will have to wait till next year though since it’s now 20C and summer hikes/trips are looking appealing.

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