Keeping the smallest kids warm with the MEC Cocoon Bunting

Yes we have a 5 month old and yes we are an outdoor family which means that 5 month old joins us on our adventures and needs to stay warm and happy. When they're this young they don't even move much so they don't generate much of their own body heat.

While there are many options lots of them are very expensive. I'm happy to purchase expensive gear, just not for a baby that's going to wear it for a year, or maybe 6 months. Luckily there are still great options to keep baby warm and happy.

MEC Cocoon Bunting

While our 5 month old is currently the only one wearing an MEC Cocoon BuntingSuit we've actually got a few different sizes. The first one we bought was for our now 3 year old who wore it happily on hikes and in the snow for a year. That's a 12 month old that turned 2 and was just growing out of the suit.

MEC Cocoon Bunting Suite

The youngest McHale all bundled up in her MEC Cocoon Bunting Suit at Otter Lake on a rainy weekend in late September

We don't just get use out of these when we're out in the mountains either. When the baby is bundled in to the stroller on a dog walk she's wearing her Cocoon Bunting Suit. There she happily talks away to me as she survey's her kingdom from the comfort of a stroller.

Little hands are hard to keep mitts on which makes the convertable mitts and slippers on this suit awesome. No more fussing with the mitts and maybe loosing them as the fall off. Simply wrap up the hands and they're going to stay toasty.

Really the only draw back to this suit is the hood. Yes it's warm, it just fits terribly. All of the kids we've had in the suits end up fighting with the hood as it creeps down over their eyes repeatedly. I'd love to see a small Velcro tab on the back of the hood so that you could reduce the volume and stop it from covering their eyes. If you're handy with a sewing machine this would be an easy project to tackle.


Yup, we love the MEC Cocoon Bunting Suit. There may be others out there that are a bit warmer or are down, but there is nothing that we've found that provides the great warmth at such a low price.

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