Bouldering Hunter Creek BC with the kids

As I already mentioned, my oldest loves to climb which is awesome for me. We’ve been both indoor climbing and outdoor bouldering. Lately with Cynthia being 7 months pregnant she hasn’t quite been up to joining us on adventures much to her dismay. E and I both wanted to get climbing though so we packed everything up and took E and our smallest currently L out to a great local bouldering spot.

L happily walking in to the Warm Up boulders at Hunter Creek

L happily walking in to the Warm Up boulders at Hunter Creek

Hunter Creek can be found on the way to hope. Get off the highway at the Laidlaw Road/Hunter Creek exit. Make a right and then another right to go away from the Hunter Creek rest stop. Just after the quarry on your left take the mountain road on the left. Go about 300m up a small hill and park on the left side of the road. You should see some garbage dumped (no matter how many times it gets cleaned up) on the right side of the road. From there get out of the car and walk about 20m up the road to find a trail on the left hand side were you see a tree cut.

The first boulder you see sitting in front of you is called Goldfinger and has a number of great problems on it. If you’re looking for a guidebook for the area then you’ll need to find the Hunter Creek Select book. This can be purchased at Mt Waddington’s in Chilliwack.

E showing off her new Stickit's at the top of a climb

E showing off her new Stickit’s at the top of a climb she calls “lever” which we cleaned for her on the backside of the Warmup Boulder

For a parent the best thing about Hunter Creek is the even landings. This means that your toddler can safely walk around while you boulder and you don’t really have to worry about them getting in to too much trouble. For us the biggest trouble caused by our smallest is that she continually gets in the way trying to ‘nap’ on the crashpad while I’m climbing.

If you’re looking for a decent place to take your family bouldering, or just looking for a great place to boulder with a great variety of problems from VB to V7 (and projects) then check out Hunter Creek. Lots of grippy rock to climb without the crowds you’ll find in Squamish.


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